What is Christian Outreach? It's the literal reaching out to the local and greater community, teaching redemption through Christ risen, spreading the Good News of the Glory of God. At Abilene Bible Church, we are implementing a new Outreach Ministry so that we can spread the gospel to more people in the Key City and surrounding areas. This initiative includes the following strategies:


1) Conduct spiritual gift workshops (and other types of workshops for Christian living)

2) Develop additional small group Bible studies

3) Participate in more nation-wide evangelical campaigns such as Harvest America

4) Develop a program where we provide transportation to and from ABC for Sunday Bible study and worship for seniors who live in area retirement centers

5) Reach out to local veterans and active-duty Air Force personnel since Dyes Air Force Base is located here

6) Continue to utilize and expand Christian Movie Night where we also include a fellowship meal with some level of post-film analysis concerning the main points related to the Christian movie.


It is my sincere hope that members of Abilene Bible Church will step out of their comfort zone just a little bit and unite in this very important aspect of church work, building a strong community of believers of all ages, reaching more souls for Christ!


Kenneth Wells

Abilene Bible Church

Outreach Minister




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