Cast your burden upon the LORD and He will sustain you;

He will never let the righteous be shaken.  Psalm 55:22

Communion (the Lord’s Supper) is an essential part of the worship service in Abilene Bible Church; it is observed every Sunday between the music worship and the sermon. It includes a prayer of confession, a brief message (called “Sermon 1” by the congregation, but “Communion Devotion” by the pastor), the taking of the elements, and meditative piano music. The devotional message is not prescripted; rather, it flows according to the leading of the Holy Spirit at the moment. If by technical reasons we missed the recording of the day, it cannot be reproduced. The Communion Devotion (“Sermon 1”) is not planned to relate with the accompanying “Sermon 2," but quite often they find correlations with each other. We present the recordings here for those who find this meaningful and helpful. God bless your soul.

Communion Devotion • 06/24/2018

Psalm 2 • Accompanying Sermon: Revelation #1 • Introduction


This is the beginning of a mini-series “Christ in Psalms." Psalm 2 is a messianic psalm, calling the Son of David (King of the United Kingdom of Israel and Judah) the Son of God, for God will rule over all nations through him. Jesus Christ fit that profile. He is the begotten Son of God for eternity, but in another sense he is begotten when he becomes the king of Israel as a vassal (son) to God the Father, the suzerain (father). In turn he will be the suzerain (the Great King) over other nations (vassals).



Communion Devotion • 07/01/2018

Psalm 16 • Accompanying Sermon: Revelation #2 • Chapter 1


Psalm 16 portrays the life of a righteous leader of the people of God, who will not see his body decay in the tombs, but expects resurrection. Jesus Christ fulfilled the prophecy.




Communion Devotion • 07/08/2018

Psalm 22 • Accompanying Sermon: Revelation #3


Psalm 22 is the quintessential messianic psalm, in which David spoke on behalf of the future Messiah, predicting that he would be nailed in the hands and feet, and soldiers would divide his clothes by throwing a lot. Jesus not only fulfilled the prophecy, but also shouted out the first sentence of the psalm, “My God, why have you forsaken me?” as one of the “seven sayings on the cross.”


Communion Devotion • 07/15/2018

Psalm 23 • Accompanying Sermon: Revelation #4 • Smyrna


Even though Psalm 23 is not usually counted among the “Messianic Psalms,” it portrays the life of the righteous (and Jesus certainly is that). Totally trusting and depending of the good shepherd, the righteous will go through the valley of death and feast on God’s goodness. That happened to Jesus; it could happen to those of
us who follow him.





Communion Devotion • 07/22/2018

Psalm 40 • Accompanying Sermon: Revelation #5 • Pergamum


Psalm 40 described a righteous man whose ears God had opened, for God prefers heartfelt obedience more than animal sacrifices. This kind of man with perfect obedience was written in God’s book, and Christ lived out this calling and gave perfect obedience on the cross.




Communion Devotion • 07/29/2018

Psalm 42 • Accompanying Sermon: Revelation #6 • Thyatira


Psalm 42 described a righteous man whose soul thirsts for God as deer for the water. He suffered for the sake of righteousness, asking “why have you forgotten me, God?” Yet by faith he trusted in God’s plan and lived on in obedience. This is a picture of Christ’s life, especially on the cross.








Communion Devotion • 08/05/2018

Psalm 8 • Accompanying Sermon: Revelation #7 • Sardis


Psalm 8 praised God for considering man, who was created lower than the angels yet are given the authority to rule over all creation of the earth. Jesus Christ made himself lower than the angels when he became a man, but He was restored to glory after his resurrection, ascension, and session (seating on the right hand of God the Father). He is already ruling over all creations in heaven now, and he will do so on the earth after his second coming.


Note: The title slide of this Communion Devotion indicates Rev #7 whereas once  the video begins, it says Rev #6 in the bottom right corner, but it is actually Rev #7.

Communion Devotion • 08/12/2018

Psalm 45:1-17 Accompanying Sermon: Revelation #8


Psalm 45 is a "Messianic Psalm" describing the scene of King Solomon's wedding to his bride.  It is a prophecy of what the church, born again believers in Jesus Christ, will experience at the wedding

of Jesus Christ with His bride, the church, at His second coming.  Believers have the ability to know God through His Son Jesus Christ, and they will bear children spiritually by sharing the gospel

with non-believers.

Communion Devotion • 08/19/2018

Psalm 91:1-16 • Accompanying Sermon: Revelation #9


Psalm 91 describes the experience of Jesus Christ in relationship to God the Father.  It also describes the believers experience in relationship to Jesus Christ.  God the Father delivered Jesus Christ from the snares of the world just as Jesus Christ will deliver His bride, the church, from the snares of the world.

Communion Devotion • 09/02/2018

Psalm 27:1-14 • Accompanying Sermon: Revelation #10


Psalm 27 describes the suffering and struggle of righteous people in this world.  Serving God in this world was never meant to be trouble-free.  Instead, serving God means that believers will suffer just as Jesus Christ did.  To be righteous, believers must depend on God's strength and do the best to obey God, just as Jesus Christ did.

Communion Devotion • 09/09/2018

Psalm 27:1-14 • Accompanying Sermon: Revelation #11


Psalm 27 describes the suffering and struggle of righteous people in this world.  Jesus Christ suffered.  King David suffered.  Both suffered due to their enemies unjustly persecuting them.  Yet both Jesus Christ and King David waited on God for justice, neither seeking revenge or exaggerated justice.  We as suffering believers must do the same, waiting on God for His perfect justice.

Communion Devotion • 09/30/2018

Psalm 31:1-24 • Accompanying Sermon: Revelation #12


Psalm 31 is a psalm of King David as a typology of Jesus Christ.

Just as with King David, people were conspiring to take the life of Jesus Christ, even his disciple Judas Iscariot.  As Jesus Christ suffered, we His followers will also suffer both naturally and

spiritually.  No matter what sufferings my come, we believers

must trust in the Lord, for He is our adopted Father as He is the eternal Father of Jesus Christ.

Communion Devotion • 10/07/2018

Psalm 34:1-22 • Accompanying Sermon: Revelation #13


Psalm 34 is a Messianic psalm that prophesied what would happen to Jesus Christ on the cross.  This psalm prophesied that Jesus Christ,

as the ultimate, righteous man, would not have any bones broken during His crucifiction for our sins.  Moses also prophesied this in

the law when he told the Israelites not to break any bones in their Passover lambs.  Jesus Christ is the ultimate Passover Lamb, as He sacrificed Himself to pay for our sins.  The prophesies, in both the

law and the psalm, were fulfilled.  Jesus Christ is our Redeemer.

Communion Devotion • 10/14/2018

Psalm 35:1-28 • Accompanying Sermon: Revelation #14


Psalm 35 shows how Jesus Christ suffered in this world for His beloved.  Love means paying a price for the benefit of your beloved.  Jesus Christ paid the ultimate price with His life to pay for our uttermost need of redemption.  If we want to learn to love, we should look to Jesus Christ; how He acted is how we should love.

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