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Daiqing (Apollos) and Xiaofeng (Rose) grew up in China. Rose was trained as a nuclear engineer (B.S. & M.S.), and Daiqing was trained as a physicist (M.S. & Ph.D.). God snatched them both from atheism and destruction and embraced them in Christ through the loving arms of Christians in Texas. Now, they are happily sharing the grace of God as pastor and wife. As of 2017, they have been married thirty years. They have four wonderful daughters: one is a TAMY Aggie Graduate; one currently attends UT-Austin; one is a UNT Eagle, and one is a Wylie Bulldog. The house is rich in cultural diversity with unity in the love of Christ Jesus, and so is Abilene Bible Church!

Hello, I am Deborah, and I have been the Financial Secretary of ABC for 4 years and love it.  I am 64 years young and have been married for almost 40 years to David Krause. We have one daughter, Ryann, and two grandchildren, Averi 12 and Allie 6.  We moved from the Hill Country to Abilene 12 years ago -- yes, to be with our grandbabies.   We have been members of Abilene Bible Church for 9 years and have made a new home here with friends and family. ABC is a great place to learn and worship our Almighty Lord -- the King of Kings, and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Shirley Anderson has been the pianist at Abilene Bible Church since January of 2015. She is a graduate of Hardin-Simmons University with Bachelors and Masters Degrees in music. She has taught piano to hundreds of students in the Abilene area. Three times she has been selected Teacher of the Year by Abilene Music Teachers Association and was chosen Teacher of the Year for Texas Music Teachers Association in 1995. Mrs. Anderson recently retired from HSU after being their class piano instructor for 15 years. She is active in the community as an accompanist and regularly plays for Classical Chorus of Abilene and Abilene Chamber Singers. Shirley Anderson is married to Marcus Anderson. They have a daughter, April (Mrs. Bill) Darroch and two grandchildren, Hannah (15) and Samuel (12) who live in Arlington.

My name is Renee Fitch. I am originally from Kansas but moved around the United States most of my life until we arrived in Abilene, Texas, and that was twenty-two years ago! I have been married to my husband, Jerry, for thirty-four years. We have two kids: Josh, who is 30, and Sarah, who is 23. We have been a part of Abilene Bible Church for about four and a half years and are very thankful to God for leading us here!

Doug has been the Music Director at Abilene Bible Church for the past six years. He studied vocal music two years at the University of Iowa (he has a rich baritone voice) before switching to business. He has spent thirty years in accounting. He earned a  degree in business management from the University of Iowa and is a registered CPA with the Illinois Department of Regulation. Doug works full time as a CPA for private companies but also has interest in the community as well; for example, he is the current president of the Abilene-Emery Chapter of the American Institute of Parliamentarians. Last year he published an article, "Deliberating Financial Matters," in a professional journal. In the above picture, Doug and Crystal share a proud moment with their son, Gabriel,  when he graduated from Bob Jones University with his accounting degree magna cum laude.  He later graduated with an MBA, and he was also magna cum laude.

After serving in the military and having become a recent widower, Mike settled in Abilene where he met and married Carol Adams over 22 years ago. Together, they have raised and schooled nine children through private, charter, public, and home schools. Mike has been attending Abilene Bible Church (ABC) for over 25 years, off and on during his military life and all of his post-military life, while Carol has been attending since the early 70s when her family moved to Abilene.  Over the years, Mike and Carol have served in various capacities at ABC but mostly in the children’s and music ministries.  Currently, Mike is the Commander of the ABC AWANA Clubs ministry, is the Children’s Sunday School Superintendent, leads the music portion of the Children’s Sunday School, and is the Youth Director. Carol teaches Children’s Sunday School and leads in various positions in the ABC AWANA Clubs. Both participate in ABC's choir ensemble. Outside of church activities, Mike is employed full time with the City of Abilene, and Carol is a homemaker, home-schooling their last child through high school.  Mike also attends the Saturday morning seminary-level class.

Calvin Best is married to Kimberly Ann Best. They have three children and three grandkids. Calvin is the volunteer web designer and manager for ABC. He also teaches Dual Credit American History and Psychology at Breckenridge High School along with Journalism & Web Media and Rocket Science & Spaceflight History. He is his school district's webmaster, primary photographer, and videoographer. Calvin has undergraduate and master's degrees from Hardin-Simmons University and was the founder of an aerospace magnet school in San Antonio that he directed for eight years. He worked as a consultant to NASA's Johnson Space Center in education and co-taught rocket/space science at MTU for eleven summers in their pre-engineering, college-prep program. Kim, for the last three years, worked as the Career Pathways and Transitions Navigator for Abilene ISD. She has three college degrees and has been a Gifted and Talented specialist for many years and was a reading teacher at Breckenridge Junior High for several years; she returns to Breckenridge Junior High for the 2018-2019 school year where she will teach 7th grade reading and writing. Kim also led Education in Action camps for twelve years during summers, focusing on the Houston/Galveston areas of Texas. Kim is active in and president of Abilene's Delta Kappa Gamma Chapter, Lambda Xi. Calvin and Kim love to work with their horses, listen to music, read, watch good movies, work on their old ranch house, and spend time with their grandkids. They live north of Fort Phantom Lake in the country.

For what we proclaim is not ourselves, but Jesus Christ as Lord, with ourselves as your servants for Jesus’ sake.


                                                                            II Corinthians 4:5

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